FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What to wear on the tree ? How long does it last? At what age can children practice? All the answers to your frequent questions

What is the proper attire for tree climbing?

Bring sportswear or hiking gear, including shoes. Rubbing on the wood, or sometimes the sap, can soil or damage clothing. Avoid valuables (there is no checkroom). Bring something to tie your long hair.

Access to the courses is only possible with closed shoes (sneakers, hiking shoes …). Open shoes such as flip-flops, sandals or others are not allowed on the course.

Jewelry, precious objects and watches: we do not recommend carrying them with you, precious objects can be damaged by rubbing on the cables and in case of loss on a course, the chances of finding a jewel on the forest floor are very low!

What to do with my car keys and valuables?

We strongly advise you to keep your car keys in a well-locked pocket, or to leave them at the reception desk.
Leave your valuables at home or in your car (jewelry, watches, etc.).

If lost on a course, the chances of finding a key or jewel on the forest floor are very low!

What to do in case of bad weather?

It is possible to practice rope courses in light rain but not in strong wind or storm. You are in a natural forest environment and in case of rain the wooden installations and the ground can be slippery. In the event of more sustained rain or prolonged humidity, it may be impossible to practice.

If the weather conditions are too bad, the park team may ask you to leave the facilities for your safety and decide to close all or part of the facilities.

The park has set up a very precise monitoring of the weather conditions throughout the day, as well as a detection of the risks of storms.

Can I take pictures and videos with my smartphone?

The desire to take photos and videos with your smartphone is understandable. Take a picture of your friends from the ground.

In the event of a fall on a course, the chances of finding a smartphone-sized object on the forest floor are minimal.

In addition, it is forbidden to take pictures on the course because it implies that you have to let go of the lifeline or your safety lanyards.

What is the best time to go tree climbing?

In the middle of summer, we advise you to come in the morning, because the afternoon is often more crowded.

When we are only open in the afternoon, we advise you to come as soon as possible after the opening.
Coming early in the afternoon also allows you to enjoy the supervised beach of Saint Gingolph in the second half of the afternoon!

Don’t hesitate to make a reservation! Consult our opening hours. BOOKING strongly RECOMMENDED

How long does an accrobranche session last?

The entrance fee gives you access to the tree climbing facilities for 3 hours for the big courses and 2 hours for the Lutin/Bambino courses. You can then stay on site for a picnic.

These times are set primarily for safety reasons to reduce the risk of fatigue and inattention.

The long courses take an average of 30 to 45 minutes each.

The children’s courses take an average of 30 minutes each.

The access to the courses ends 45 minutes before the closing of the park, those who are in the trees can finish quietly of course. You will be invited to leave the course 20 minutes before the park closes.

Can we stay in the park for a picnic?

Of course you can picnic on the spot! We have several locations and picnic areas available, both sheltered and open air. You can walk in the park respecting the paths.

Is it possible to buy food and drink on the spot?

On the spot, we propose you soft drinks, water, hot drinks, hot dishes such as Savoyard sandwiches or hot boxes, ice creams, sweets…

At 500 meters from our park, you will also find a restaurant.

Groups >10 entries) can also use our BBQ on reservation.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are strongly recommended in order to facilitate the arrival of participants and to minimize waiting times on the courses.

Can I use a stroller in the park?

Yes, in part. The terrace and the access to the park are accessible by stroller. On the other hand, the park is often on a slope with uneven ground, the paths are not very practicable with a stroller, it is better to bring a baby carrier if necessary and good hiking shoes.

What is the difference between adventure park and accrobranche?

Adventure park and accrobranche are two different activities, although in common language the term “accrobranche” is very often used to designate an adventure park activity:

– The adventure rope course (acrobatic courses in height) is an activity that allows you to go from tree to tree, for example with the help of zip lines, monkey bridges, nets and other Nepalese bridges … like Leman Forest 😀 !

– pure “accrobranche” is an activity that allows you to climb a tree with the help of ropes installed for this occasion, then dismantled.

The term accrobranche has entered the common vocabulary and it is almost always used to designate an adventure park…