Rope courses

The Rope Courses area includes 6 rope courses of increasing difficulty. The less difficult courses are accessible to children from 8 years old. Practitioners are equipped with “intelligent” unhookable carabiners.

The courses are marked with colors that correspond to levels of difficulty:

Green Course 🟢

Medium level, from 8 years old (>1,30 m) about 30 mn of pleasure to discover the activity and a beautiful zip line passing above the torrent!

Blue Course 1 🔵

Medium to medium+ level, from 8 years old (>1,30 m), some height and acrobatics ! 30 minutes in the trees!

Blue Course 2 🔵

Medium to medium+ level, from 8 years old (>1,30 m), even more height! 30 minutes in the trees!

Purple Course 🟣

Average level + with difficulties, from 8 years old (>1,35 m), acrobatics and zip lines are there! long enough 35-45 mn

Red Course 1 🔴

Difficult level, from 10 years old (>1,40 m), reserved for those who are still in shape after the first 3 courses, 30 mn of acrobatics

Red course 2 zip lines! 🔴

Average level physically but the height can impress, from 8 years (>1,40 m, with accompanying adult on course), the landscape is breathtaking! 30 minutes

Black Course ⚫️

Very difficult level, a beautiful physical challenge in height, from 16 years old, 30 mn approximately

Course for small children from 2 to 8 years old

From 2 to 8 years old and less than 1.40 m tall, children can access the Lutin and Bambino courses!
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